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Whimsical soundscapes

Harmony for the senses

Fantastic concert events will make your stay at Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen remarkable.

Be mesmerized by an impressive soundscapes and experience musical highlights at the upper level. Renowned national and international musicians will impress you with selected music. The famous literature and music festival, „Wege durch das Land“ (Journey through the countryside) travels through Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen once a year, you can luxuriate in its extensive program. The artists perform in this original, diverse and exclusive setting.

Our estate benefits from the close proximity to the eminent Music Academy of Detmold, where students from all over the world join to study. These students are often the recipients of the highest accolades in musical study and performance.

The exceptional musical events that take place yearly at Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen range from rock to classical. All of your musical desires will be met.

Experience concert events and harmony for your senses at the highest level. Let the musical program at Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen immerse you into the most beautiful soundscapes and fulfil all of your acoustic dreams.