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Good taste has the power to convince

Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen emphasises your competence

Success is the result of good decision-making. Careful consideration must be made when looking for a conference venue. In the end, your choice just might determine your success.

At Castle Wedlinghausen you will find the perfect venue for your presentation, conference or seminar. The stylish atmosphere and representative rooms enhance the importance of your work. By selecting the rooms at Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen, you deliver a message to your business partners; quality and value are of the upmost importance to you.

The solid architecture of the Castle exudes sovereignty and continuity, characteristics that reflect your work. The elegant estate produces an atmosphere of success. It is the ideal location to advance your commercial productivity and goals. Our high measure of quality and exclusivity has the power to set your conference in the right light. The lasting image of Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen is one of professionalism and competence.

Experience a stay to remember. Make your planned success become a reality in the impressive rooms inside Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen.