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The Grounds at Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen

Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen offers nature enthusiasts distinct experience: the castle garden and grounds. Visitors will be amazed at the abudance of rare plants and overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the landscape.

During the summer months, art and nature fuse into perfect harmony. Guests are invited to stroll among the age-old solitary-standing trees while simultaneously touring one of the most exclusive international art exhibitions.

The grounds extend over 3 hectare complexand are filled with an eceptional variety of botanical treasures. The park ins associated with the renowned European Garden Heritage Network (EGHN, or and considered ine if the most impressive garden landscapes in the East Westfalilan countryside. It is a most remarkable example of modern botany.

Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen offers a magnificent backdrop for the spacial creations, which first took place here in 2000 and have changed every year since. The Arcadian-like setting was first populated in the summer of 2000 by over-sized bronze women on steel tables in the castle park by artist Thomas Schütte. These figures, which were prepatinated in colour seemed sensuously distorted.

Martha Schwartz’s garden ornamentation on plinths in a geometrical lawn pattern, on the other hand, demonstrated the human desire to control and anthropomorphise territitorries.

In addition, in 2004 the park seemed to be reconquered by its original inhabitants with the 10-mettre high spider sculpute by Louise Bourgeois. Interestlingly enough, this fear inducing bronze sculpture actually represents the artist’s mother!

Castle Wendlinghausn also had the pleasure of hosting the great artists George Condo and Tobias Rehberger. George Condo brought music into the garden in the form of highly-polished steel sculptures in honour of jazz greats. Tobias Rehberger, beween the years 2004-2007 contributed to the garden landscape with his playful treehouses.