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Kultur Extern

Experience splendour

Enjoy diversity

Fortunately, Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen is nestled in a region of cultural wealth. The surrounding towns and villages offer their own places of interest and diverse cultural activities.

We are proud to be part of the highly regarded literature and concert tour, “Wege durch das land“, ( or translated, „Journey through the landscape“. Additionally, you can take advantage of the close proximity that we enjoy to the world-renowned Music Academy of Detmold. These are just a two of the many examples of the first class cultural destinations you can enjoy in the area.

Natural treasures are also found in the region. The Extersteine are a distinctive group of rock formations found in the nearby Teutoburger forest. The five sandstone pillars, dating from nearly 120 years ago, rest in a beautiful natural park reserve. It is the ideal place for a peaceful stroll. The Westphalia Open-Air Museum of Detmold is another location worth mentioning. A cluster of historic buildings, including farmhouses, workshops and schools exhibits life as it was in the past.

Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen is found in an ideal rural setting on the outlying areas of the Teutoburger forest. It is here that you will find the perfect mixture of natural beauty and cultural highlights.